Ascending Higher Consciousness


Do you feel like you are meant to be doing more with your life?
Why is it only when a crisis happens you feel like you see the real world?
Are living on auto-pilot most of the time?

Do you remember the scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy is standing in front of a great and powerful Oz? In the end, she learned that behind the curtain was just a small man using smoke and mirrors to pretend he was important and she was the one with the power all along. Our lives are sometimes like Dorothy’s. We are lost and confused and being manipulated every step of the way. We abdicate our powers to the wizards and witches out of fear. In times of crisis we are shocked out of our ego and snap into our Higher Consciousness. By dropping the everyday mindset, we pull back that curtain and get a glimpse of the true world. We see what is important, what matters and how much power we actually have. Unfortunately, when the crisis is averted, the smoke and mirrors roll back in and we are worrying about taxes, making dinner and watching TV again.

But it really doesn’t have to be this way. In Bonnie’s next energetic clearing, she will pull down that curtain and reveal your powerful Higher Consciousness. She will unravel the negative day to day fog that is hiding your brilliant and powerful spirit.  Once you have control of your ascension, you will be able to use that higher consciousness to fulfill your divine purpose, see past the smoke and mirrors and recognize the real power you have had all along.



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