Unraveling Spiritual Vows


In each incarnation there are vows made. Some simple and some complex. These can act as guides in life and become an underlying motivation for how life unfolds. They can also keep us tied to outdated ideas that have been carried over one lifetime to another. Spiritual Vows made in one lifetime can become a hindrance in another. These vows are taken very seriously and affect us in ways we may not be aware of. Our behaviors may be influenced by these unresolved energies. We make a promise to something or someone that soon becomes irrelevant, yet we hold tight to the promise.

In this group clearing Bonnie will initiate deep healing of these vows to help you find your dedication for this lifetime. She will support the unraveling of the Spiritual Vows you have made that inhibit you from being available for life. This opens up a more direct communication with the Source of all that is.


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