Codependency No More


In relationships, do you have a tendency to love people you can rescue?

Do you have a partner or potential partner with an extreme need for approval and recognition?

Are you ready to unlearn the codependency conditioning that demands you must betray yourself to receive love?

Codependency is a misunderstood term that is often overused. For those who are actually affected by this condition, it is not something to be taken lightly. Codependency can permeate your life and affect your everyday interactions with others. Understanding what codependency is and how it affects you is the first step to recovery.

The person who is a codependent is usually addicted to relationships and the validation they derive from them. They will do whatever it takes to the detriment of themselves to keep receiving this substantiation. Some never break away from the unhealthy relationships they engage in, but there are others who leap from relationship to relationship trying to discover the holy grail of intimacy.

Most people don’t realize that codependency is an addiction. In fact, it is a learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to another for centuries, causing pain, torment, dishonesty, and sorrow.

A sign of codependency is that you are unaware of what you are doing to yourself. It’s an unconscious habit that becomes so deeply ingrained into your personality you forget it’s there. In this clearing, Bonnie will help you identify the traps of codependent behavior and help you liberate yourself from toxic relationships and patterns of the past.


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