Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more than one email login?
Having more than one email login means you have multiple accounts, which can result in content appearing to be missing.
1) Log into all other accounts with each different email and check “My Library” for your missing clearing.
2) Email listing all of your email logins so that they can be merged into one account.
3) State which email you prefer to use as your login.
We will aim to merge all your content into one account with your preferred email within 72 hours.

Private, Semi-Private and Chakra Series Sessions are recorded using different software and are not (yet) available on this member website. They must be immediately downloaded using the links emailed to you after the session, as stated in the email containing the recording links. However, we are planning to incorporate Semi-Private sessions into this Member website soon!

This is a membership¬†website which provides access to both free and paid content. The majority of products are not available or permitted to be downloaded or owned. Exceptions where digital recordings can be downloaded are clearly indicated with “Downloadable”. For more information please see [Terms & Conditions].

This will depend on the device you are using. We recommend downloading items to your computer and then transferring them to your device – but cannot provide support for this.

SA has a No Return, No Refund Policy, but if you genuinely purchased something in error *immediately* contact

There are numerous devices, browsers, and programs each with different settings that can affect playing videos. We use a video format that is most compatible with as many of these as possible, but if you are unable to play your clearing, please do the following: refresh screen, clear cache, try other browsers, log out and login to the website again. If issue isn’t solve, please contact with details.

The replay of the recent live clearing is available in 72 hours. Once the replay is available it will be added to your “My Clearings” page.