Small Group Energy Clearings

With Bonnie Serratore

Small Group Energy Clearings, which used to be called Semi-Private sessions, are intimate groups of no more than 8 participants. These clearings are customized to the specific needs of the group and are an hour long.
Bonnie gives 5 minutes of individual attention to each participant. Then, the session closes with a 20-minute activation and group clearing. This combination of individualized and collective attention makes this a high value offering.

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Big News for Bonnie’s Clear Your Chakra Series! Unlimited Access and unparalleled Results!

Bonnie’s Clear Your Chakras Series sessions have been selling out in record time so we’ve opened them to unlimited participants to meet the demand! Dive deep into your energy centers with our exclusive Group Energy Clearing (GEC) format. Each session focuses on one chakra, ensuring a complete clearing of emotional and energetic debris in just one hour.

Personalized Healing at Your Fingertips:

Complete a questionnaire detailing your concerns related to the session’s chakra. Bonnie expertly addresses everyone’s issues, recalibrates the chakra, and finishes with a powerful activation. You reap the benefit of having your own issue cleared, plus other participants’ issues, too. Experience potent, thorough, tailored healing even if you can’t join live – all at your convenience!

Choose What You Need:

Pick one chakra for specific support or opt for all 7 clearings at an exclusive 20% discount for a complete body recalibration. Your journey to vibrant energy and inner harmony starts here!

Private Sessions With Bonnie Serratore