Clear Your Chakra Series

*UPDATE*!!! More Personalized Clearings with Bonnie’s Clear Your Chakra Series!

We listened to our community’s desire for a more intimate chakra clearing experience and are now limiting each session to just 20 participants for an even more tailored energy clearing experience! 

Clear Your Chakra Series’ Exclusive Format:

Deep dive into your energy centers with the series’ exclusive Small Group Energy Clearing (SGEC) format. Each session focuses on one chakra, ensuring a complete clearing of emotional and energetic debris in just one hour.

Personalized Healing at Your Fingertips:

Complete a questionnaire detailing your concerns related to the session’s chakra. Bonnie expertly addresses everyone’s issues, recalibrates the chakra, and finishes with a powerful activation. You reap the benefit of having your own issue cleared, plus other participants’ issues, too. Experience potent and thorough clearings even if you can’t join live – all at your convenience! You can still register, fill out the questionnaire and receive all these powerful clearings when it fits your schedule.

Choose What You Need:

Pick one chakra for specific support or opt for all 7 clearings at an exclusive 20% discount for a complete body recalibration. Your journey to vibrant energy and inner harmony starts here!

Reserve your spot now!  Limited spaces available.

Private Sessions With Bonnie Serratore