Embracing Your Sexuality


As beings of Spirit that have chosen to incarnate physically onto this plane, we all agreed to human existence with a physical body. Our physical bodies act as a vessel for us as we live here, and allow us to experience through our senses all that the 3D world has to offer. Our bodies also have needs and desires, including the biological need to reproduce and carry on our genetic lines. On an energetic level, our sexuality is tied to our second chakra, our center of passion, creativity, and emotions.

When we are feeling blocked, stagnant, or restrained sexually, it’s common to see that same stagnation and “stuck-ness” across all areas of our lives, since our openness in our second chakra is what helps us tune into our passion for life and ability to generate creative energy. When we are blocked here, it leads us to feel stuck creatively, stopped up emotionally, blocked financially, and unable to manifest what we want our lives to look like.

So many factors can have an effect on our feelings around our sexuality. Many people have inherited cultural and ancestral programs around sex, sexuality, and even their ability to enjoy sex without shame. Many religions promote the idea that sex is shameful, that masturbation is evil, that homosexuality is wrong, or that it’s immoral to enjoy sex. If you were raised with these programs, you likely still carry fragments of them today even if you have left your beliefs behind consciously. Survivors of sexual assault or molestation often carry shock, trauma, and shame from their experiences in their bodies that prevent them from freely embracing their sexuality long after their experiences.

In this clearing, Bonnie will help you step back into loving yourself as a sexual, sexy being who follows their passions and creates the experiences they want with ease. When we are able to release the shame, restraints, and blocks to embracing our creative sexual energy, we can fully enjoy the full range of experiences we incarnated here to enjoy, reigniting our sexuality and reinvigorating our lust for life!


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