Dark Force Interference 2.0


We all know that Light illuminates shadow. While nothing can withstand the Light of All That Is, in this plane of polarity and duality it seems the more light we allow the more shadows seem to be drawn to us. On one level this is true, as fully conscious creator beings we agreed to live all aspects of the human experience over many lifetimes to know ourselves completely. As we make conscious steps in our lives to live with more awareness and step into our full potential, darkness will be illuminated so that it can be cleared for good!

There are several ways these dark forces can show up in our daily lives. You may notice that accidents, arguments, negative encounters, and criticism seem to be drawn to you like a magnet, making you feel victimized and disempowered. Other people begin to notice strange sounds, voices, shadow beings, or dark shapes on the edges of their vision. You may feel a negative presence that intensifies when you are alone. Many people who are being influenced by dark forces can feel like they are “not themselves” or that they are having reactions that are totally out of character.

If you consider yourself a spiritual person or lightworker, you may recoil at the idea that you may have lived dark past lives or entered into agreements with the powers of darkness, but we are all Divine beings who wanted to experience absolutely everything the 3D levels have to offer; good, bad, and ugly. You likely made vows or contracts with dark beings, lived lifetimes where you performed black magic, or victimized others leaving you open to these influences long after those lifetimes ended. Even if you are the victim of dark magic, curses, or hexes in this lifetime, on some level you agreed to participate in the exchange from your higher levels.

The good news is that we are finally ready to release the past and its influence over our lives! In this UPDATED version of Dark Force Interference, Bonnie will delve deep to clear out the root of these negative interferences in your life, whatever the cause. As we enter into the New Paradigm, we can easily access and release anything standing in the way of creating the most joyful and liberated future we can imagine from a place of power and sovereignty!


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