Healing Holiday Grief


It’s the happiest time of the year! After years of quarantine, we are able to gather together and raise a glass with those we hold dear to us. The lights. The songs. The parties. But some people have lost a lot during the covid crisis. Some have lost jobs, businesses, and even worse, some have lost family members and loved ones. If you are one of the people experiencing grief, the holiday season only serves to magnify how lonely and lost you are without them.

How can you celebrate a favorite holiday tradition when the person who taught it to you is gone? How do you enjoy a family dinner knowing that this year someone’s special recipe will be missing? How can you be expected to “get in the spirit” and give of yourself when it feels like so much has been taken from you?

When we lose the relationship we have had with people who have really resonated in our lives it is hard to cope. The emotional energy that is trapped in our subconscious will come bubbling up and it needs to be released. All the feelings like rejection, abandonment and betrayal need to come through. Only by remaining in the feeling state can you do the hard work of healing yourself. The moment a thought comes in and you are judging the feeling or remembering past situations, you are no longer dealing with the energy and are only dealing with the top layer of the emotion. It may feel like your heart will break but by facing that pain head on you  can  pull up all the past trauma, not just from this incarnation but all your incarnational experiences so that you can unravel it from your physical self and liberation can occur.

In this next emotional clearing Bonnie will help you tap into the energy of the emotions you are feeling to bring them to the surface so they can be released. She will help you become aware of the energies of those you miss and show you that they still are/ will always be surrounding you with love and light. When you unravel the pain and emotion, you will be able to see that those traditions aren’t painful reminders of what you have lost but a way to honor and connect to the energies of those who will always be with you.



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