Taming Your Inner Rebel


Is your inner rebel running your life?
Do you ever find yourself arguing for argument’s sake?
Do you secretly enjoy being the troublemaker?

When we don’t have a connection to our power we often feel unable to effect or make changes in our lives. This can exacerbate patterns of negativity. We may feel afraid of losing our power in our relationship and with ourselves So we overcompensate by going on the attack. Afraid of being hurt, we hurt others first.

These dynamics can be so frustrating as we are often cutting off emotional connection to others in spite of our true feelings and love for them. Our  inner rebel is the part of us that says, “Uh oh, no way!” and strongly rebels or resists when we are afraid or trying to protect ourselves. Even to the point of pouting ourselves in harm’s way. The inner rebel can arise as strong emotions, body sensations, thoughts and feelings of false pride.

The inner rebel can be ruthlessly frustrating. There’s a part of us that longs for growth and yet the conflict with the inner rebel can create ‘self sabotage, and chaos. It can fester feelings of self doubt, and keep you stuck in the very repetitive patterns you long to change. The good news is this – you can learn how to understand, listen to, and care for the inner rebel so that you don’t feel caught in so much internal conflict. It’s not about ‘cutting out’ this part of yourself, but understanding its necessary and vital role, giving it outlets so it can do its job, and connecting with this part of your being.

In this clearing, Bonnie will bring you the energy to create a loving relationship so you can align your inner rebel with the other parts of yourself. When your various parts cooperate in greater harmony you will be able to move forward towards your dreams, hopes and yearnings, all parts working together instead of against one another.



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