Living In Prosperity & Abundance


It can be fun to spend time imagining what we would buy if we ever hit it big in the lottery. Dreaming about all the cars, homes, and vacations we would have. However, when we do this, what we are actually generating is a list of objects and possessions we want or really a list of “things” we think we lack. That is the energy we are creating and sending out to the universe and so the Universe returns more of that energy back. This is the Law of Attraction. Instead, if we are present and focus on the emotions of the amazing experiences we have been given, we send out a message of gratitude to the universe. When we do this, we communicate with the universe on a frequency of love and it will send love back.

In this next session, Bonnie will disengage you from the feelings of want that are pushing abundance away. She will help you tap into the vibration of gratitude that will replace the cycle of need. Soon you will be able to send out infinite amounts of positive energy and receive that same compassion back and find yourself in a never-ending cycle of abundance, prosperity, and love.


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