SJGM – Connecting with Your Creativity


Date : September 8th, 2020 @ 11 am
Join Accelerator Rosa Catmull in her “Soul Journeys Guided Meditations” series. If you struggle with staying grounded and centered in your body, these topic-driven guided meditations will help you to Relax, Release and Restore, your mind, body, and spirit.
In this bi-weekly meditation series with Rosa, you will be led through various guided meditations to help you achieve deep levels of relaxation, wisdom, and healing. These meditations will include guided journeys and visualizations as well as mindfulness practices to increase your awareness and consciousness in each moment.
When you have a creative idea or impulse, are you able to easily transform that idea into reality or do you feel blocked?
When you are blocked creatively, do you have the tools to quickly overcome that block and resume the creative flow?
Creativity is an expression of your Soul. When you are able to express your creativity, you are able to embody your inner freedom and connect more with your intuition. In Rosa Catmull’s next Soul Journey Guided Meditation, we will explore any blocks to your connection to your creativity and ability to freely express your ideas and translate them into real action. Afterwards you will be aligned to your inner creativity and experience the awakening that happens within your Soul.
Embrace your inner creative voice and connect to your Soul’s deeper yearnings. Join Rosa on September 8th to connect to your Souls creativity!


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