SJGM – Awakening into 5D Ascension


In our second meditative journey, “Awakening to 5D Ascension,” Accelerator Rosa Catmull will assist you in clearing negativity and blocks, opening you to new states of consciousness and connecting you to the 5D, helping to better align you with the New Paradigm of unity, joy, and miraculous co-creation with the Divine.
We, the spiritual warriors, are being called to hold higher light quotients and to activate a new reality for humanity. During this meditation, we will clear past life contracts around illness, death, lack, and struggle while we step into the New Paradigm, activating the future trajectory of our higher self
It’s time to join together and assist all of humanity in stepping into the 5D. We are living in a time of spiritual evolution and transformation, but it starts inside with each one of us. Let’s unite and awaken to our own ascension process!
Join Rosa on Tuesday, May 19th at 11:00 am for this transformational journey by signing up today!


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