SJGM – Opening to the Flow of Abundance


Date : June 16th, 2020 @ 11 am
Join Accelerator Rosa Catmull in her “Soul Journeys Guided Meditations” series. If you struggle with staying grounded and centered in your body then these topic-driven guided meditations will help you to Relax, Release and Restore, your mind, body, and spirit.
In this bi-weekly meditation series with Rosa, you will be led through various guided meditations to help you achieve deep levels of relaxation, wisdom, and healing. These meditations will include guided journeys and visualizations as well as mindfulness practices to increase your awareness and consciousness in each moment.
In our next Soul Journey Guided Meditation, we will open ourselves to the abundant flow of the Universe and neutralize beliefs around scarcity, lack, and not deserving, releasing any resistance and struggle to live our most fulfilling life. Rosa will also perform a heart chakra activation to open and align us all with the Universal Source frequency of abundance.
Abundance is the natural state of the Universe! Your Soul is always in a state of limitless abundance and grace. It’s time for you to activate your Higher Self and connect to your inner potential where there are no limits, opening your heart and life to more possibilities, joy, love, and abundance.


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