SJGM – Free the Empath within You


Join Accelerator Rosa Catmull in her “Soul Journey Guided Meditations” series. If you struggle with staying grounded and centered in your body, these topic-driven guided meditations will help you to Relax, Release and Restore, your mind, body, and spirit.
In this bi-weekly meditation series with Rosa, you will be led through various guided meditations to help you achieve deep levels of relaxation, wisdom, and healing. These meditations will include guided journeys and visualizations as well as mindfulness practices to increase your awareness and consciousness in each moment.
In our next Soul Journey you will connect to the empath within you. Empathy is a Divine quality. It is the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others outside of our own perspective. However, in the old paradigm, as an empath you have been taking the energies of others into your own field of energy as your own, leaving you emotional, drained, and confused about why you are even feeling this way.
Join Rosa as we free your soul, mind, heart, and body from emotions and beliefs that are not yours. You will be realigned with the truth of your Higher Self and Source, allowing you to stand in your Divinity with compassion and support for others without taking on their energy. It’s time for you to know yourself as the Divine sensitive being that you are!


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