Seminar 2 – Victimization, Entitlement, and Responsibility

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A Weekend Intensive into the Self with Bonnie Serratore
Discovering triggers, owning emotional wounding and responses, uncovering & clearing unconscious beliefs that dictate your life.
Sedona, AZ
May 14 -17th

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What’s included in this Seminar:

  • Group clearing
  • Student workbook/manual
  • Bonuses:
  • Group breakout with certified accelerators

Do you see yourself as a victim of others or of your circumstances? Do you find yourself constantly blaming others or giving away your power?

In this 3-day seminar, we will cut to the core of how you view yourself and how you impact, and are impacted by, the world around you. We will be exploring the energy of victimization and entitlement as a block to

Maybe you grew up in an unsafe or unstable home environment or had an intimate relationship with an abusive or narcissistic partner. Some people may find themselves to always be the “scapegoat”, feeling being bullied or ignored in school, work, or social events. Even a person who has not had these same traumas may still find themselves on the receiving end of unkind treatment from others leaving them to feel like a victim. Often times, people with this “victim mentality” will view themselves as someone that their life “happens to” as opposed to owning their experience and the part they have played in creating it.

Many people have an unconscious attachment to their suffering, their traumas, and their stories. Their suffering becomes like a badge of honor proving how much they have been through. They are reluctant to let their past go, because they feel like they may still be getting something out of it. This can lead to patterns of disempowerment, a “poor me” attitude, and being victimized by your false beliefs.


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