Seminar 1 – Reactions and Responses

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A Weekend Intensive into the Self with Bonnie Serratore
New Orleans or Gold Coast, Vegas
February 20th-23rd

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What’s included in this Seminar:

  • Group clearing
  • Student workbook/manual
  • Bonuses:
  • Group breakout with certified accelerators

This first intensive weekend will be an invitation back home to yourself. When we are unaware of our responses, we often turn to unhealthy ways to cope with our trauma, beliefs, and triggers. Some people may numb out by turning to drugs, alcohol, or compulsive behaviors. Others may find themselves overreacting with anger, irritation, overwhelm, or hopelessness when encountering even the smallest setback. These are all ways of avoiding the self, and dissociating from the body and it’s reactions, because it becomes too uncomfortable to be still and quiet with themselves.

We will be discerning the differences between our reactions and our responses. You will learn all about reactions and triggers, and how they can wreak havoc on your life you don’t properly understand and uncover them. Most of us react to what is going on outside of us without ever thinking about why we are reacting the way we are. Over the course of these 3 days, you will dive deep into your own traumas and wounds that have contributed to these unconscious reactions.

The entire weekend will be an experiential hands-on event where you will be uncovering, tracking, and clearing your triggers and unconscious reactions. You will look deep into your own past and begin to shift out these beliefs and patterns. You will be held in a supportive and loving environment as we help you bring light to these unconscious belief patterns and coping mechanisms. When we bring consciousness around why we have the reactions and triggers, we can begin to have more clarity and choice about how we respond to our internal and external worlds.


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