Religion and Sin Package – April Special


Feeling Like a Sinner?

Have you been made to feel like a sinner? From early childhood, we’re told what is acceptable behavior. For many of us, even a small, innocent veer from societal, religious or familial norms came with consequences that left you feeling inherently bad, unloved and ostracized. Or maybe you’ve always lived your life in what society deems as good but still have an inexplicable feeling of being bad. This may be carry-over from a past life in which you did commit atrocities. This soul lesson is now complete and it’s time to shed long-held feelings of guilt and shame! Embrace liberation with Feeling Like a Sinner?, a Group Energy Clearing in which Master Energy Tracker Bonnie Serratore will release the weight of past life traumas and limiting false beliefs created by societal, cultural and religious stigmas. Let your soul’s light shine through knowing that you’re living in the integrity of divine truth and love.

Religious Residue

Feeling bogged down by your family’s beliefs? Let go of old paradigm beliefs that are holding you back during our group clearing on Religious Residue Still feeling old energy remaining from your religious parents, or your stint at catholic school? Religious beliefs, ritual, and tradition can weigh down our energy with tired beliefs and stories. It causes many of us to hide different parts of who we are, and reject aspects of our precious light.

Archetypal Patterns: The Saint

Do you have high expectations for yourself? Trying to live up to The Saint archetype can be exhausting. It can be rooted in vows that we’ve made over lifetimes. It can lead to guilt that we’re not living up to what we think we should be. Perhaps it was a parent or other family member that represented this image. These are unattainable standards. The more we strive for perfection the further away we become. In this group clearing, Bonnie will eradicate contracts and vows involving The Saint archetype. She will bring balance and integration to inform and support an authentic service. This opens us up to live freely and to show up in life as our best self naturally without forcing.

Your Lifetime With Jesus

Bonnie takes you on a guided visualization back in time to see what your connection is with the Messiah Jesus. Many people were actually alive and with him during that time. Some were barely aware of him, some were the Roman enemy, the perpetrators, and some were his disciples and others were friends and family. Join Bonnie on this extraordinary journey back in time to discover your connection and possibly heal any wounding, trauma or shock that was caused by that lifetime!

Connecting to Christ Consciousness

In this Online Group Clearing, Bonnie will connect you to one of the highest and purest forms of Love and Light, Christ Consciousness. As your connection grows, this energy will continue to assist you in opening your heart wider to release deeply lodged woundings and connect to the pure Love and Light that already resides within you.


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