Feeling Like a Sinner?


Have you been made to feel like a sinner? From early childhood, we’re told what is acceptable behavior. For many of us, even a small, innocent veer from societal, religious or familial norms came with consequences that left you feeling inherently bad, unloved and ostracized. Or maybe you’ve always lived your life in what society deems as good but still have an inexplicable feeling of being bad. This may be carry-over from a past life in which you did commit atrocities. This soul lesson is now complete and it’s time to shed long-held feelings of guilt and shame!

Embrace liberation with Feeling Like a Sinner?, a Group Energy Clearing in which Master Energy Tracker Bonnie Serratore will release the weight of past life traumas and limiting false beliefs created by societal, cultural and religious stigmas. Let your soul’s light shine through knowing that you’re living in the integrity of divine truth and love.


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