Feeling Inadequate


Do you compare yourself to others? Do you feel inadequate and that you are not living up to your potential? You may be carrying other people’s emotional energy in your body along with so many other interferences that are not you, yet are contributing to this feeling. Let’s get free of anything that keeps you feeling inadequate!

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Do you feel inadequate? Do you compare yourself to others? Is this feeling of inadequacy overbearing and affecting every aspect of your life? During this clearing with Bonnie, she will lead a group into the depths of our own inadequacy and assist us in healing these wounds.

Inadequacy is a state of internal collapse. Often when we feel inadequate our entire third chakra has collapsed in on itself. Our personal power is caved inward. Often feelings of self-hatred, self-disgust, shame, and fear, are common side effects that come out of this state, or experience, of feeling inadequate.

Many things can drive us to feel inadequate and to this state of collapse. Some people have been feeling inadequate for their whole lives, and for others, it comes after big life transitions, like a divorce, a career change or negative life experience. Especially if the transition didn’t go super well, or in their favor. Another common starting point for inadequacy is during what people call a mid-life crisis. Often in a mid-life crisis, there’s a realizing of inadequacy. Something isn’t enough. Your life is adequate.

When inadequacy isn’t an internal state of power collapse it can be a useful tool when it’s externalized. “I’m inadequate”, “I’m not enough”, “I’m not whole” -which we know these statements aren’t true, they are distortions because we are all God- are turned outward, such as ‘my life is inadequate’, or maybe ‘everyone at S.A. would be inadequate biochemical engineers’, it can then become a useful way to measure what is needed and what is not.

So part of owning and healing our own internal inadequacy will assist us in using inadequacy as a powerful tool for us to begin creating our lives more fully. When we are not in the right relationship with inadequacy, in terms of our external world, often our boundaries get really messy. Everything has limits. For example, my lotion would be inadequate for greasing a car. Coming to terms with inherent inadequacy, maybe in everything, helps us come to terms with our wholeness more fully. So by healing these wounds, we are opening a doorway into our own power and greater access to create our world, and to view the world, in more truth.


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