Mother’s Package


This package includes 5 clearings:
Struggles with Mom,
Mom’s Lineage,
Mom’s Energy,
Clearing Love/Hate with Mom,
Birth Trauma

Struggles with Mom

Do you find yourself struggling with your relationship with your mom? Do you feel challenged and guilty by your own irritation with her? Do you try to be kind and loving but don’t always feel that way inside? Moms are significant in the foundation of our lives. Throughout various life stages though, we may feel interference in our maternal relationship with mom. Address these struggles with Bonnie and unleash the love that you really do feel for your mom.

Mom Lineage

What did you inherit from your mother? How does she impact your DNA? Clear the energy from you mother from deep in your physical body. We will be looking at what got passed down the bloodline from your mom, including past lives, and any abuse, trauma, shock, violation, and any other form that is absorbed by the child through the DNA. Ever feel that you're in constant survival? This too is from the survival times and experiences that your ancestors had. Bonnie tracks back through the lineage to remove these negative energies leaving you feeling more safe and grounded.

Mom Energy

Clear out shock, traumas, and other energies that have been passed down from your mother to you.

Clearing Love/Hate with Mom

Our relationship with our mother is complicated, to say the least. Our mother is our creator in this lifetime. We know her before we know any other person in this world. When we are in the womb, we derive our very life from our mothers, but we also absorb much of her energy and beliefs at the same time. Our feelings about our mothers can reflect deep core beliefs about feeling safe in the world, how we view and see women, and even our relationship with ourselves. Whatever the outward relationship with your mother may have looked like, there is bound to be wounding, pain and emotional entanglements that must be unraveled to fully embrace one of our first and most crucial partnerships. Our moms help shape our sense of self and where we belong in the world. Even if we love our mothers, we may feel suffocated or smothered by their own wounds and belief patterns. This leaves us feeling bound to our mothers and their wounding out of a sense of loyalty or dependence. When we clear out this love/hate pattern, we can embrace all parts of our mother and develop a healthier, fuller relationship that honors both our mothers and ourselves.

Birth Trauma

Are you ready to clear out the trauma of your birth? Coming into physicality and separating from your mother is a traumatic experience for every soul. This kind of trauma and shock makes it extremely difficult to fully open your heart, be present, and feel whole. Release this deep, buried energy, and set you (and your mother!) free in countless and unexpected ways, with Bonnie Serratore.


Our relationships with our Mothers are often times the first relationships we have in this physical world. We can inherit all sorts of things from our mothers, both through genetics as well as energetically. We actually absorb our mother’s emotional energy while in the womb, so many patterns we experience as we grow can come from traumas or influences we received directly from our mothers. Even if our mothers have passed on, or we never met them in life, we are still able to energetically shift these relationships allowing for more love to flow between mother and self. By clearing our relationship with Mother, we begin to shift the way we see our relationships, helping heal our outer world and helping to reconcile the inner masculine/feminine relationship within our own Being.


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