Clearing Love/Hate with Mom


Our relationship with our mother is complicated, to say the least. Our mother is our creator in this lifetime. We know her before we know any other person in this world. When we are in the womb, we derive our very life from our mothers, but we also absorb much of her energy and beliefs at the same time. Our feelings about our mothers can reflect deep core beliefs about feeling safe in the world, how we view and see women, and even our relationship with ourselves.
Whatever the outward relationship with your mother may have looked like, there is bound to be wounding, pain and emotional entanglements that must be unraveled to fully embrace one of our first and most crucial partnerships. Our moms help shape our sense of self and where we belong in the world. Even if we love our mothers, we may feel suffocated or smothered by their own wounds and belief patterns. This leaves us feeling bound to our mothers and their wounding out of a sense of loyalty or dependence. When we clear out this love/hate pattern, we can embrace all parts of our mother and develop a healthier, fuller relationship that honors both our mothers and ourselves.



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