Fear Package

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This package includes 5 clearings:
Fear of Failure (Version 1)
Fear of the Unknown
Fear of Commitment
Fear of Death
Fear of Failure (Version 2)

Fear Of Failure

Are you haunted by the fear of failure? Fearing failure will penetrate into all aspects of your life. It will sneak into your relationships, your work, your diet, and your education. Many of us are living under the illusion that there is a “correct” way to live, and on the flip side, a “wrong” way to live. When we are caught up in this duality we start to fear disappointment, judgment from others, and develop a sense that we are never fully enough. Begin to let go of perfectionism and the illusion of right and wrong with Bonnie Serratore!

Fear of the Unknown

Every person I have ever come across on the planet has a curiosity of the unknown. This curiosity is innate to being human. We ask questions, we philosophize, we create religions and answers to our questions. Most of us fear the unknown. We fear death, the beyond. We feel purposeless. Much of this comes from past lives and energetic interference. In truth we are divine beings. Our purpose and core is love. This clearing is all about clearing up distorted energy that has added to our fear, discouragement, or confusion. Join Bonnie Serratore in clearing interfering energy that is hindering you from creating a positive relationship with the unknown! Find and create your own peace.

Fear of Commitment

Are you afraid of really giving 100% of yourself to the one you love? Have you been hurt so now you have trust issues? Or do you just have a hard time making any commitment for any of life’s decisions? The term “fear” or “phobia” takes on serious meaning when looking at making a commitment, not only in relationship choices such as bachelorhood vs marriage, but also the conscious choice not to have children, go to college, live in one place for long, or frequently changing your career. There are so many commitments that we are asked to make during our lifetime, that the bigger the impact of the decision to commit, the more we tend to resist making a commitment. All we end up doing is pushing away that which deep down we actually want out of fear that our commitment will somehow fail us in the future. Let go of this resistance and love fully with Bonnie Serratore

Fear of Death

One of the most unconscious fears is the fear of death. Here’s the thing, if we fear death, then we also fear life.

Fear of Failure V2

Are you holding yourself back or playing it safe in your life because you are afraid of failing? Who decided what “success” or “failure” looks like, anyway? Failure implies an inability to live up to expectations, but where do these expectations come from? Most of us are programmed early in life with concepts around being the “best” at something, or that being perfect is a goal that can be attained, or with the idea that “winning is everything”. In some people, this can cause an obsession with winning at any cost. In others, it causes anxiety and overthinking and a deflated sense of self. We are taught that our success or failure is something that can be measured against a series of standards. We begin to set impossibly high standards for ourselves based on other people’s ideas of what success may look like. When we realize that the standards are unreachable, we beat ourselves up or stop trying because we are afraid of failing. We begin to move through life holding ourselves back from new experiences that will help us grow and evolve. In unraveling these core fears with Bonnie, you start to show up for every new experience with an openness to the possibilities instead of anxiety around how you will “perform”. You embrace your life for the adventure that it is and show up with authenticity and confidence!


Most people walk through life from the perspective of wanting to avoid the things that they fear, rather than being motivated by what they want. We can carry fear around for years without ever really thinking about how these fears rule our actions and subconsciously direct our behaviors. These hidden fears can stand in the way of us creating the things we really want in life! This package is for you if you find yourself being run by your fears.


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