Fear of Failure V2


Are you holding yourself back or playing it safe in your life because you are afraid of failing? Who decided what “success” or “failure” looks like, anyway? Failure implies an inability to live up to expectations, but where do these expectations come from? Most of us are programmed early in life with concepts around being the “best” at something, or that being perfect is a goal that can be attained, or with the idea that “winning is everything”. In some people, this can cause an obsession with winning at any cost. In others, it causes anxiety and overthinking and a deflated sense of self. We are taught that our success or failure is something that can be measured against a series of standards.
We begin to set impossibly high standards for ourselves based on other people’s ideas of what success may look like. When we realize that the standards are unreachable, we beat ourselves up or stop trying because we are afraid of failing. We begin to move through life holding ourselves back from new experiences that will help us grow and evolve.
In unraveling these core fears with Bonnie, you start to show up for every new experience with an openness to the possibilities instead of anxiety around how you will “perform”.
You embrace your life for the adventure that it is and show up with authenticity and confidence!


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