Why have I hit a wall

I’m a massage therapist and able to see pictures and impressions of people’s life and give them messages. I also am able to see and feel entities in awaking and in dream state.
But I have hit a wall. That’s all I can do I can’t help them relieve or remove entities or help them dive deep into their emotional traumas or patterns…. it’s almost like I’m only able to see or advice so much.
Recently I’ve done entity/ parasite removals on myself and left with my own emotional patterns to deal with…so i hit a wall
Question: I wanted to partake in the Core emotional event in august but it’s a bit expensive for me or do I rather partake in the next apprenticeship program? I have hit a wall, why?


  1. Diana Valencia Post author

    Thank you so much for the video, it’s confirmed everything i thought, felt and saw.
    Please let me know where, who or how I can go about unraveling and unwinding everything you just saw??
    You are truly amazing Bonnie