What is this connection about, what do I need to learn from it in order to move on?

Hi Bonnie,
I have held a torch for this man Michael C. for close to 10 years. We did not get off to a good start when we first met and I have tried to get him out of my system since. Although I have tried my best to let him go, he has haunted me in the psychic/energetic realms over the years. I’ve tried cutting cords and sending him away, without much success.

I recently reached out to him via email in the hope of coming to some resolution. He seemed surprised that I felt a connection with him over the years (?!) and was curious and willing to meet with me. We reconnected and went on a few dates in person. We had fun! It was a totally natural and effortless connection! He seemed excited to get to know me, he was initiating contact. It was mutual and delightful.

He asked about my work as a tantra practitioner and I shared my professional website with him. He has since disappeared. Not a word from him in weeks. He hasn’t acknowledged or responded to my text’s. He’s ghosting. It feels jarring and hurtful to me to be shut out like this. It’s also un-relational and he’s showing me that he doesn’t want to connect. I’m clear that he’s not a suitable partner for me and am ready to move on.

And still, I have a hard time letting go. Even after doing a releasing ritual, he’s still on my mind and in my space. What the heck! He’s already taken up way too much of my psychic, emotional real-estate – it’s enough already!! This guy is unreal and a dud – I feel like I’m in a relationship with a ghost!!!

Yet i’m not having an easy time letting go.

What I REALLY want is a beautiful loving lasting intimacy with a good man. In the flesh.

My question: What do I need to learn from this connection, so I can move on and be in loving REAL relationship with my Beloved?