What is best for me at this time to heal my deep core woundings?


Some time ago I wrote to you to ask a question about what was going on in my relationship with my partner. You told me that my soul was pushing for me to unravel my core wounds of felling rejected, abandoned, unloved, unwanted and not enough, and that I was triggered almost all the time. I concur…
Since then I’ve read your book which helped me understand what my instinct knew and kind of told me but I had trouble dealing with all that and navigate it. Thank you for such a clear, simple, thorough and understandable book. I’ve also done quite a few of your group clearings, some many times, and I feel that they helped me raise my head above some things.
But still I feel I need help, I still feel that I am stuck and lost, that there is this knot inside me so huge and frightening and I feel completely lost and in pain. I try to follow the triggers and unravel the wounding but I am not sure it works very well, I mean I am not sure that what I do is going in deeper or recycling. Maybe a bit of both. Well did something change (improve) in my core wounding since that first question I asked you last April?

So here is my question : I wanted to ask you about my wounding and it’s unraveling, I mean what is it best for me at this time to heal my deep core wounding?

Like which group clearings would be the most appropriate and the most helpful for me?

Would a session with you (I was thinking 30mn) really help me heal this something huge and frightening I feel inside or would I need more? Would it be possible in one session with you to clear my core wounding or a lot of it?
I ask you because it will be a real challenge financially (may I ask honestly and genuinely -I do not navigate in such circles- why a session with you is so expensive?). I know there is the healing clinic which is more affordable or session with other spiritual accelerators but I’ve seen many people already these last few years and tried different things and I fear to get lost again in stuff that doesn’t help me so much, more of a fix and I feel I want to get to the point now. Over the years I’ve spend enough money on different modalities, energetic or otherwise, that sure have helped me to some extend but honestly most of the time I’ve never felt a noticeable improvement or healing. To be honest I’m sure they’ve helped me to have some hope through all these last years, which was good and very welcome, and brought me some very needed support by receiving me and listening to me and sometimes some healing but mostly I feel that I had to do more by myself and my instinct than what they could bring me.
I am telling you this because I know there is the healing clinic and sessions with spiritual accelerators that are more affordable but I don’t want to do what I did all these last years and pay a lot in the end for I need many sessions and nothing seems to really change. Of course that is my fear and I don’t now if it is the case here or not and that is why I’m asking you about it. Is a session with you so expensive because it is more deep, more profound, more efficient and more healing that the other offers that are available on the Spiritual Acceleration website? Do you feel I am ready for a session with you or I need to go slower with clearings, which ones in my case?, and/or healing clinic, other accelerators?

Or shall I only keep going and trying to unravel these core wounds by feeling?
Sometimes while feeling and trying to unravel I feel very cold, also very weak like I have no more energy left in my legs and body, other times like I am going to faint, or also nauseous. Could you help me understand what is going on, what is happening to me? Does it mean something is unraveling or am I recycling? Is what I do unraveling when I try to sink into the feeling and I feel cold, and/or very very weak, and/or about to faint, and/or nauseous and constricted, and/or pain in my stomach or heart area, and/or yawning and bulging a lot? Is it energy moving and leaving or just recycling and be in pain without anything really healing and moving?

So yes what do you thing would be best for me at this time to heal my deep core wounds? More group clearings? Which ones? A session with you? Session(s) with others? Only feeling by myself? I ask you because I believe your abilities and ability to see what is going on with me, your experience in such matters (emotional wounding and energy) give you a perspective on myself I do not have. I know I can trick myself with my mind in feeling more ready than I really am to make such a step, or on the contrary trick myself in believing I am less ready than I really am. What I mean is that I need another perspective than mine and I trust you have the experience and abilities to help me here. I used to be completely oblivious to what I was feeling in real time and since then I’ve reconnected with my emotions and feelings but it is still like a thick jungle to me and very very overwhelming and uncomfortable to become more alive than what I used to be. Well why it is so frightening to become more alive, what is “wrong” with me? The pain is pushing me to look for help and moving forward but I feel very frightened asking you that.

Thank you for your help understanding and healing myself :)<3

Isabelle Cadas