What happens if you’ve sold your soul? and did I?

Hi Bonnie

Since we have a Betrayal clearing coming up, the topic had been on my mind.

I had a bodywork treatment on Monday and the practitioner started telling me about one of my previous lives … When the Roman Empire invaded Britain 2000 ish years ago and attacked the Picts (Indigenous People .. my tribe at the time) I switched sides to become a Roman Soldier and ultimately betrayed and killed my own tribe and partook in the eradication of Britain’s Indigenous People, our cultural history and all our Shamanic healing practices. (If this is true it does explain why I’ve felt so much guilt in this life time and why I keep fantasizing about saving everyone to make amends).

I was told that in this life time I sold my soul to the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire went on to become the Vatican so does this actually mean that Vatican owns my soul? If they do what does that actually mean for my embodiment? I no longer desire to feel a soulless/hollow being, I regret ever uttering the request for my soul to be devoured and I dont like the direction that my future lives seems to have been heading (A.I. brain implants, no chance of soul development). I have already started asking for contracts, agreement, oaths, promises and allegiances with both the Roman Empire, The British Empire and The Vattican to be destroyed.

If this is true then apart from clearings, sovereignty and continually trying to access my feeling states is there anything else I can do to help myself?

The reason I ask, although probably not relevant to you, is that on Sunday during a guided meditation I came to realize that my desire to know the truth of who I am means the same thing as self realization … as soon as that thought happened 2 energies left my awareness and I knew I knew them, I knew they were going to report in to something/someone (which actually felt religious) they returned with something else and immediately I lost track of all of them and my mood, demeanor and thoughts changed to anger, fear, judgement. Is that what it feels like when someone else owns your soul and how else can it manifest?

Sorry its not one question but I have a tendency to over analyse everything which leads to anxiety and a continual barrage of negative thoughts – hopefully at some point in the near future, whilst experiencing anxiety, or any emotional response for that matter, I will remember to feel into it! Thank you for your time and wisdom.