First I don’t know what I would do without my members library. Thank you thank you.
Second, after our small group on “feeling like an alien” on Feb 16 I had a 2.5 hour upper world vision or journey. Saw lots of things. This is my first time having such an experience. Yes I know I’m still elementary! It took me an hour just to get to this planetary system. The following day I went onto one of the actual planets and I saw some things – darker entities, ecven zombie like– it felt like they were a military prepping for something . I did see a human suffering on the ledge of
leader. It sounds odd. Just wondering if there would be someone that records these visions to make sense of what we are seeing. At the time, I took it to mean a huge attack on the collective but I was reassured my visions actually reflect my shadow or my perception sometimes. Now that is is going on, it feels like a straight up warning. I don’t normally have smaller level journeys unless some big shifting is happening. But these were hours long and Shelby helped me stop them. Just wondering if anyone on the team see this stuff the same. Now when we are doing energy work I can see ultraviolet/purple rays moving circularly and we Are moving through stars as you are talking. Pausing and moving with the purple sometimes flagging a tunnel to go down making some kind of frequency you found. I’m just wondering what is happening to me and what this all means. If you have time to answer or comment on any of it. Thank you.


  1. Laura Porter Post author

    Thank you Bonnie. Hey I just had another one this morning. (I know that I had some visions prior to this that had to do with Iran shooting down our drone a while back but Syria seemed involved. I don’t know anything about the connection between those two. I don’t read anything) I had a pretty serious one this morning. I saw what looked like a big gun or bomb about to go off. They swooped me in on the time…. A countdown from 11:17. I feel like I’m losing it here. I started googling Iran and there was an article 36 minutes before I woke up about Iran refusing our help and blaming us for a virus. Are we about to go to war? Like 11 days? Do you know these things. Perhaps we can address this on Monday if you know. I don’t have very many visions. This is not normal vision for me.