Two souls occupying a single body?

Dear Bonnie,
I am seeking your advice on a difficult situation being faced by my niece’s 19 year old teenager and hoping you may be able to help us understand what is going on and whether action should be taken. Originally born male on January 15th, 2004 in Salisbury, UK and named Adam Rose, they have asked to be known as Ash Rose since 2019/20 and they identify as transgender. Ash faces huge personal tensions and is very unhappy. I, and some other members of an energy work group, work with the Assemblage Point and we think there are two souls occupying a single body as we find two separate Points. If this is the case, then it could have occurred at age 7 when Adam was traumatised as his father and my niece divorced and he had to leave his lovely family home. He also had an operation to remove his appendix in the same year. Adam had to leave senior school after two years as he was so unhappy and unwell too. A homeopath thought he had Lymes disease. In 2019 Adam asked to be known as Ash and started dressing in women’s clothing. As a family we accepted this but Ash continues to be extremely stressed and regularly has suicidal thoughts.
A friend who reads Akashic records said ” Ash is a brave soul carrying so much torment. They are the forerunner of the androgynous physical beings coming soon but the vibrations here are too tense for them to cope. Adam is still hanging on as the dominant one. They clearly need help with the physical body very soon or both of them will die. I am not being shown what help though. If they were originally twins the duality would have shown up very early in childhood so I am thinking this is outside influences.”
Ash is desperately unhappy with their body and scratches at their skin as it is too masculine. Ash started hormone treatment two months ago – testosterone blockers and oestrogen patches but there has been no surgery. My niece only wishes for her child to be happy. Last week my niece wrote ” Ash very low indeed today saying she was swinging between wanting to hurt someone and cutting herself. Said all her coping strategies are no longer working and (current girlfriend) is the only thing that is of any help”.
So I, and my niece, would be most grateful for your thoughts as to how this situation could be improved /resolved. This doesn’t seem to be a ‘straightforward’ entity situation! Any attachments were, I hope, removed early last year after I completed level 4 of the Arcturian Healing Method with Dr Gene Ang. I am not sure whether Ash could face a zoom session with you even if my niece was present but it would be worth trying if you think it would improve matters. We are concerned about the after effects if ‘Ash’ is removed and how Adam would recover. Lots to think about but we appreciate your amazing skills and hope you can suggest a way forward.
With many thanks, Kim Hudson. Chichester. UK