Souls mission

I have been going through an “awakening” the past 6 months almost. I have been dealing with a ton of anxiety and different thought patterns that lead to anxiety and fear. But I have also found a new way to look at things. My sister died in 2019 from a brain tumor. Currently my Dad is dealing with mesothelioma lung cancer, and I find that watching them go through these difficult times, being as empathic as I am I almost take on their symptoms when I am around them. I am wanting to know how to stay true to myself, hold my own energy field, and not be overtaken by my empathic nature so that I am overwhelmed? I am also wondering what kind of clearing I would need to heal past trauma regarding persecution in past lives with regards to my healing abilities. I had a session with Caroline, she said to speak to you about clearing past life trauma and clearing scrolls, contracts in regards to me so that I can be free to live my purpose. I have a lot of fear and anxiety I would like to clear.
I feel overwhelmed with feelings like I am losing my mind, I have dementia or a terrible memory that means I am losing it. I am wondering why things are so difficult for me right now. I would love to have a private session with you in regards to all of this, but I just honestly can’t afford it. I want to be stable and not have this overwhelming anxiety that I face everyday, or the feeling like I have a dreaded illness, but I want to be present in these times to learn what I came here to learn and fully experience it. I feel like sometimes I try to escape the situation which only makes my anxiety worse because I almost glitch or momentarily leave my body so that is frightening. I have some clearings I have bought from you, as well from Caroline I got the always in crisis clearing. Does that work even though I wasn’t in the original session? I feel like I am on autopilot and not really living my life to the fullest. I am losing time that I want to have with my children and family because I am always in an anxious state. Please help me to figure out how to get out of this anxiety or what is causing it. As well the pandemic doesn’t scare me, but it is unsettling what is happening especially with the vaccine. No way me or my family is getting it but I need help to stand my ground and speak my truth with it. I don’t want to be intimidated. How can I protect my family from this?? My biggest thing is finding out my purpose or soul mission and living it fearlessly. Is there a way to connect with you Bonnie so that I can accelerate my growth and not live in fear. It is sad when money stands in the way of someone healing and living their best and authentic life, especially when you can help someone but I just can’t afford to pay for a private session. Please help me to figure out my anxiety and how to protect my family during these very difficult times. Thank you so much!! Patti Wiebe