Soul merger

Hi Bonnie, so Im a little confused about the logistics of me 😉 Please can you go direct to check it all out, thanks.

Ive been told I am an ET soul merger, which means I am a 3 souled being, each ET soul had its first incarnation on a different planet and since becoming a soul merger I’ve spent 55% of my incarnations having a human experience and 45% having an ET experience.

Firstly do you get that is he truth of me? If its not then nothing below applies! LOL

Im still struggling connecting to my core, finding my inner light and my higher levels and if it is true about being a soul merger, I wondered if having 3 souls and therefore 3 higher levels would be the reason for my confusion and the differing experiences I have managed to have? Ive resorted to calling source light to me instead of trying to go up through higher levels to it, is this an effective workaround?

When I do the non dominate hand writing to get some clarity it ends up as 3 streams of consciousness which just confuses the situation more. Do you think if I addressed each soul individually in writing it would help.

If I am a soul how can I experience being 3 of them? Does that not make me something more than a soul, and if I am something more than a soul then we all must be, right?

To connect with my higher levels do I need to connect with one soul and its higher levels at a time?
Are all 3 higher selves hoping to co-exist in the physical form?
Am I an ‘I’ or am I actually a ‘We’?
Does each soul have its own part of the subconscious since each one will be experiencing itself differently even in the same experience and will each one have anchored in different wounds.
Are all 3 souls located in the same part of the body?
Does each soul accumulate its own Karma, even by just witnessing the other souls trauma?
Are the stuck emotions experienced by each soul stored together or are they stored with each soul.
Should I be calling all 3 souls into every clearing.
i feel lonely and crave intimacy but am not attracted to people, am I actually craving a union of my own souls?
Is this the real reason why Ive never actually felt understood or truly seen.

Something has been ‘talking’ to me, very quietly, I thought it was one of my souls since one of them seems to feel judged by the other 2 BUT now I have sneaky suspicion that its one of my victims because it said …. I refuse to allow you to connect to source until all your victims have been liberated and accelerated.
Are there more victims in me/us?
And in this instance was that one of my souls or a discarnate victim?
Is there a trick to discerning one of your souls from one of the discarnates in your body.?

I decided to ask my questions on an ‘ask Bonnie’ coz although it kinda relates to class its probably not relevant to the others. 😉 Thanks