Soul contracts and karma

I recently had a reading with Caroline Oceana Ryan and the Collective. My relationship with my mother has always been challenging but as it turns out I have a soul contract with her to incarnate in this life time with her to achieve things together. I would like to nullify this contract as I don’t wish to carry any karma forward. I have already done multiple lives with her. I was thinking of booking a private session – would that be helpful? Are there any clearings on your site that would prepare me for the session?


  1. Bonnie Serratore

    Hello Lara,

    I’m looking at your contracts with your mother. There is more to this than achieving something together in this lifetime.

    I think what you really want is to change the experience you are having with mom now.

    The thing about karma is more than what people are aware of. What’s actually happening is what you and your mom agreed to experience together has never been completely known, healed or cleared. You and her continue to recreate lives together because you haven’t unraveled the negative energy that you co-created in order to Know Thyself in these various ways.

    Yes, you have had many lives with her. She is actually a primary Soul in your Soul family. In truth, when we connect at the higher realms, there is bright light and unconditional love between you two. At the higher realms, it’s generally the strongest connections with a soul that allows us to have the most intense experiences. It’s that unconditional love thing.

    Clearing the discordance between you two is actually quite easy. Anyone one of my Accelerator’s can do this. It will feel like you have ended your karma with her.

    I suggest too that you may want to get some videos on relationship with mom. We have several. All of them would be of benefit for you. And they will clear a lot.

    Releasing your energy from your mom and vice versa will help incredibly. What I mean by that is you are in her and she is in you. People don’t realize that when we are connected to each other we are always enmeshing our energy. Since you were in your mother’s womb, you have also taken on a lot of her energy, beliefs, programming, fear and beliefs. You may not be aware of this and it’s absolutely true. Separating you both from each other will make a huge difference as well.

    I can see that you have some trauma in connection with her. Your whole being is in a state of anxiety, apprehension, shaky, timid. This is mostly coming from past lives and is activated now because of your experiences in this lifetime. Your Soul is trying to help you, Know Thyself, so you can be done with these experiences. It does this by bringing to you experiences, events, situations that will activate all this old wounding so you can Know It and be done. The problem is most of humanity doesn’t know this nor do they know how to do it even if they understand what’s actually happening at the soul levels.

    Your body is still holding a lot of energy from past lives. You have a lot of discarnates in you that are contributing to your experience. There is a shredding of your energy, which can actually make you feel like you are physically shredded… That means you are being attacked on the energy planes. This isn’t your mom doing this. You will feel more shredded because of this.

    The soul dance between you and mom is only part of what’s happening in your energy field. There are also interferences from beings that don’t want you to be free or to be happy. Because of your trauma, you are not fully in your body. When this happens the body becomes vulnerable to other discarnates coming in. Hence, you have a lot of discarnates that are not you and that are making you feel more intensely than you would otherwise.

    As I go deeper into your energy field, I can see there are a lot of interferences contributing to your experience. Looks like some of your suffering is coming from negative things you did in past lives. You have conclusions and beliefs in your soul imprint which is now embedded in your subconscious that you deserve to suffer, to be punished. That’s due to what you believe you did wrong.

    If you want to use some videos go to our Vault of video’s, look through them and let your senses help you pick what is best. You will have a reaction like a grab in the belly when you come upon a video that will help you…

    If possible, I suggest you get a clearing. When you do, give this info to whoever you work with. You actually don’t need me for this. If I felt you needed me I would tell you.