Hi Bonnie I first heard you an a talkshow and have since then bought many clearings. For years Ive been on a healing journey but without the results I wish. I use to be an professional athlete but got the chronic fatigue syndrom (worked both in an aluminum factory while in university studying plus heaps of infections growing up) and my life really shifted. With this came more heartbreaks and really really weird emotional and energy stuff where I did not feel like me anymore and Ive been living years of not fully living. Ive done so so so much stuff (also working on the victim energy :). But my question is, is it “enough” to buy and listen to your clearings or do I need a private session to move forward and get better? Its a little bit pricy for me, as you can imagine all my resources go to healing stuff but I have not seen the improvment I wish. Although taken me from bedridden to even some work and joy. And from a army of darkness trying to keep me down into more myself. But is still only living half. I have also a deep longing for a beautiful relationship but seem to have heartbreaks and also not fullfilling relationships (I am in one now for 10 years). I love him but feel like Im not treated the best at times. I really feel like I love myself and not really any self confidence issues like I feel small etc. So I dont know where to work anymore to attract that .
Carina Gustavsson, Sweden