Hi Bonnie,

During deep tissue massages last year Cheryl Barnes (a local intuitive healer) started providing me with intuitive hits like, Isis & Eqypt, Venus & The Sphynx, the relevance of which I didn’t understand (still dont) but then one day she told me I was a seraphim and she claimed she was grooming my wings! I’ve heard you say that you are a emulation of Archangel Ariel … is it possible that on some level I am an emulation of a seraphim?

If I am then clearing my heart space and connecting to source feels even more important so that I can shine my own light from my own higher levels and learn to clear energy in people and places … currently this seems insurmountable as my heart was blocked/closed off even before I burned Cheryl’s masonic bible and unleased loads of interference – when I 1st felt attacked I remember feeling like I was moving my heart or replicating to the left of where it should be, chaining it up, putting walls around it, creating a hidden space within it, placing a metal box in the hidden space, using a invisibility cloak to hide the box and symbols to keep it hidden … trouble is I cant seem to sense it or undo what was done and I cant remember the symbols that were used either. There is a part of me that feels like something/someone is hiding in there. Is this likely to be part of the 1 %’s implant?

If i’m not a seraphim then could one of the awake and aware discarnates within me be one? or is it all just Cheryl’s misperceptions that I’ve taken on as my own ( I do seem to have taken on quite a lot of her woundings/energies and even personality traits) needless to say I try and avoid contact with her, I’ve stopped trying to rescue her and am specifically asking for all contracts/agreement/oaths with her to be destroyed whenever I think about her.

Thanks again for any insights or guidance you can provide and apologies for being in such a state that I don’t trust my own intuition/knowing anymore.