Semiprivate session and group clearings recordings

At the end of the Clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra semiprivate session, one lady asked if we should listen to the recording while sleeping or while conscious. You stated it should be done while conscious. However, in a Q &A I asked if it was ok if I played the semiprivate sessions while sleeping. I stated the semiprivate sessions I was going to play, call Bonnie in, etc. before I went to sleep. At the time, you told me that should be fine. That’s how I have been listening to the semiprivate session recordings-usually when I’m sleeping. Sometimes I might be awake. For the group clearings, I tend to be awake but sometimes I fall asleep. Could you please let me know specifically for me what is the best and most efficient way to take advantage of these recordings- both semiprivate session recordings and group clearings? Should I intend to be awake or sleeping or is either fine? Thanks.