not sleeping…

hi bonnie!
thank you so much for taking my question!

i was so looking forward to the clearing with you tomorrow but it has been cancelled so i would like to take this opportunity to receive your guidance and help as i am not sleeping well for the past month and a half. i moved to a noisy neighbourhood but at night there is not much noise and i wear ear plugs that are now irritating my inner ears but every time i start to drift off to sleep i feel a little nudge on my shoulder that wakes me. like 20 times one night or lately i am being prevented from reaching theta state. i took 2 sleeping pills last night and as soon as my head hit the pillow, my nose plugged up for 4 hours. i am really strong but without adequate sleep i am scraping the bottom of my energy barrel. i am also in the throws of reprogramming my entire subconscious mind that i never knew was even there so this time is crucial for me and my healing journey.

could it be a curse from the one who posed as my mother in this incarnation? i don’t know if she is dead or alive but she has made it her lifes work to hurt me and keep me small.
or could it be from my uncle who sexually abused me as an infant? or this naturopathic elder who works for both sides and doesn’t like me and wants to usurp my partner?

thank you endlessly!
so grateful for you.
i have a private clearing with you on Jan 24th but i am willing to do something sooner with someone on your team if need be.
many, many blessings to you!~
pOni aka linda