my daughter

I have a difficult relationship with my 27 year old daughter Meghan. She is very unhappy and I feel like I spend my whole life walking on eggshells trying to help her, but I am running out of gas. I know what is happening with her at any given time, (I feel it without any spoken communication) and it is becoming increasingly debilitating riding the waves of this cycle. She is struggling in all ways; she is trying to get through a law/communications degree, she doesn’t cope with pressure, she has been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, complex PTSD and body dysmorphia, she has had trouble with relationships, (one in particular hence the PTSD) , she has lost countless friends and she is lonely and even her brothers have backed off too. She can’t cope with any paid employment anymore either as she gets very stressed with study She is very difficult to be around, very unhappy and very politically motivated. She really is trying very hard to get her life back on track but it is such a minefield trying to deal with her. She has been suicidal many times she tells me after the “love of her life” left in 2018. I don’t cope with any misery too well, as my mother who died in May 2018 was a very miserable and unhappy woman and I am tired of misery.
I do lots of clearings where I bring my daughter in, and I keep trying to help her and help me but I am at my wit’s end with this constant crap. I seem to be the one she really hates the most.
I know she blames me for the difficulties she is experiencing in her life, saying her upbringing was the cause of her problems. It really looked pretty damned good to me, because I gave my kids all the things I didn’t have. A stable environment, financial security, good schools, and two parents who were committed to their three kids. I really did my best, but I have struggled with my life, with depression and mood swings and generally feeling out of step with life. My husband Haldane and I are still together, and we both try to help her.
What can I do Bonnie? It seems like I am not allowed to be happy while ever she is not happy.
I wish she could get happy and stop calling in all more and more “black stuff”. I feel so overwhelmed with trying to help.