Joker Gods / shapeshifters / actors

Bonnie – I contacted you a couple months ago about Dark Force Interference and you recommended Chris, who did a great job of clearing the worst of it out. I’m now stuck with another difficult part of Spirit… In 2008 I was working in Normandy with the actor Freddy Highmore, whose vibe I always found a bit weird, and who I wasn’t comfortable around. Near the end, he sat down opposite me, stared me in the eyes and ‘zapped’ me – I was was flung through constellations, perhaps dimensions, and was a mess for weeks afterwards. Psychosis symptoms started immediately after that. Two full psychotic episodes in 2012 and 2018, and a pretty difficult one this summer too. Just to add to it, I was made to fall in love with the actor, weird on many levels, but it always felt somehow imposed on me. That hasn’t been cleared. Shelby Robbins identified a Joker God flitting around my consciousness a couple years ago; Chris saw it this year more like a shapeshifter and found it incredibly hard to track. I have been tricked into almost ruining myself financially excessively buying crystals for some ‘spiritual’ purpose that the Joker(s) found funny, and I’m still plagued with the ‘Love Actor’ thing, which I’m fed up with. Add to that the fact I’ve been sexually frozen all my life, which Chris was working on when he backed off (ill at the moment, and I have cash problems), and don’t really even know which way I swing, and, well, it’s all a bit complicated, but ultimately how do I get those Jokers (and Freddy) out of my system and my life back? A how best to unfreeze sexually?