Huge Transition

Hey Bonnie — I just want to say that fundamentals is priceless in value. All of your stuff is. Thank you so much for this life changing education. This is a personal question for guidance. I’m suddenly facing great change. The good news is I will probably have you paid off here pretty quick because I have to sell my house due to financial reasons. I am a bit burned out on my twenty year criminal defense investigation job, and I am looking for any answers to rest and take it easy. There was a window in which i noticed i could sell my house in a hot spot I live in and make just enough to pay off my debt and hopefully find something, anywhere in Colorado cheap that I could purchase without a mortgage hanging over my head. this could open up my time and money to so many more things I want to do. I am not sure yet if this opportunity is fool proof yet. The biggest part of this equation is my eight year old son who i would have to leave with his father because his father would not have it otherwise. I’ll still get to see him, but this part of the puzzle was rather shocking riddled in a lot of tears and despair. This might be the one thing I need to work on, but deep inside me, I’m so concerned of being lead astray by interference rather than my own inner guidance. It feels as though I’m being guided to change my life as i’m barely moving these days from the weight of my circumstances. If there is anything you can see on your end before I make such an important decision for my life.
My ultimate goal is to find somewhere and allow my music and healing work to integrate more — However i recognize i’m leaving an area that is built for this type of stuff likely to go somewhere less ideal or like minded, and of course, giving up such valuable time with my son that is truly my joy and family. I’m just unable to manage all the bills as a single mother with my child having special needs and the school sending him home so much. I haven’t been able to really work like a normal person would. Either way some kind of burn out or just pure fatigue keeps me from really producing anyway. Yes, I feel quite a bit of fear because I have never been “irresponsible” but I see myself literally homeless living in the woods close to this area and rejuvenating. Grateful this is even a possibility for my existence as I’ve been bound, stuck and oppressed for a long time by many circumstances.
Thank you for any guidance or energy work.
Laura Porter in Salida Colorado