How to safely improve new tracking skills

TO: Bonnie
FROM: Joan Hohn 1/23/21
You are the expert in tracking and removing evil in all forms. After reading my background, a related question will follow.

BACKGROUND: For years I have known that one of my ongoing “assignments” as a light worker was to be one of a team anchoring an energy net around the world, especially protecting the USA. It is my belief that America belongs to God. Now, like thousands of us know, evil is making moves to destroy a free America and other nations. My patriotism created a huge energy to do something.

While in prayer after the corrupted election, I asked how I could help. My returning message was to
1. Redirect my energy into God’s Light and Love.
2. Beam intense Love and Light into government locations, Covid operations, and all media. Direct them to all water, food, computers, phones, walls, ceilings, floors, etc. The evil and tracks will glow in people and things, through all dimensions, to the original evil sources.
3. Archangel Michael and the Angel Army specialists will quickly and easily follow the track, identify, seize, bind and remove the negativity at all levels.

QUESTION: Although my impression is that my beginning work has been ok, I need your guidance to quickly improve my new and most needed skills.
Can you tell/show me how to safely intensify Light and Love when tracking evil for the God’s team? Thank you so much. God Bless America!