Early trauma, psychoses, shadow

Bonnie – simple question: how do I get through this and who should I get help from? Tune in and you’ll see more than I can tell you via conscious mind but a quick(ish) summary – I was born 8 weeks premature, incubator for 2 weeks, abandonment issues etc from that. I’ve been told I’m a starseed, probably Sirian, with a serious job to do here but no chance yet of doing it. I’m definitely an empath. Various deep-seated issues that no one has been able to shift until recently (working with Angie on the (pre-)birth traumas) but all this is made much harder by shadow’s obsessive interest in me. I’ve had two psychoses, 2012 and 2018, in which I was basically a plaything of shadow, and which took me through the bowels of Abandonment by the Light and of my inner Hell – surprised I survived them without suicide or madness, both very extreme – and right now, as Angie is clearing the early traumas, shadow are crowding round me making me relive all the psychosis stuff again. Also bombarding me, blocking my drainage channels, trying to knock out my fire/water balance and get some proper stagnation and damp heat in there. And on the mental level I’m currently replaying the ‘Abandonment by the Light’ tune. I’m getting divine help from Amma and Meera too but this seems almost too much even for them. It sucks. Oh, and in human terms, I’m psychosexually frozen at the age of around 10-12 and have never been able to have a normal adult relationship, which also sucks, especially at 47. That is also tied into the early traumas and I think the whole bundle is interrelated. So, how do I get through all this – I thought I might need as high level help as you, but as you can imagine with all that crap going on, working isn’t that easy (currently a part-time teacher) and money is a real issue… I picked a wonderfully challenging little earth life for myself, not sure I knew quite what I was getting myself into!