Dark Force and Releasing Curses Work

I’m aware that I am being cursed in this lifetime for possibly being a dark force being many lifetimes ago. I’ve done tons of Dark Force and Releasing Curses clearings so that I don’t have to experience any of this in another lifetime. The problem is that I’m not sure any of the work I’m doing is right or that it will make any difference in another lifetime. I’m very discouraged right now. Dark forces are attacking me every day. I believe I have developed somewhat of a process to do the work that may not be like yours. I know myself inside and out. Nothing about me surprises or shocks me. I am not connected to Source or my spirit guides or angels in this dimension. The only help I’m getting is from possible alien beings in my body. I am not sure I can always trust them. My questions is, “Should I continue this work if none of it is making a difference”? I feel like I’m ready to give up.