Hi Bonnie, I have been listening to your clearings almost daily. My question is: When start the clearing to say to feel into the situation. The problem is that I can’t feel into it and then you say go deeper. For some reason I have a block about this. I am wondering if I am getting any clearing at all because I don’t feel anything. Any insight would be greatly appreciated………………………..Thank you………….Alexandra


  1. Bonnie Serratore

    When you are listening to a video on a particular issue see if you can remember a time when you had an actual experience directly connected to the issue. See if you can remember what it was like for you.

    As an example, let’s say in your life you feel attacked, bound, unable to move forward, stuck. You may feel that there are interferences around you as well that are not positive. When you think about that maybe it feels impossible, that you will never be free. When you remember thinking those thoughts there will be an emotion. It can be a little sense of anxiety, fear, hopeless, disempowered, etc.

    It’s not imperative that you actually feel into an emotion. Just labeling it is good. I suggest that you play with this by remembering a time when you felt a particular way, then see if you can just be with the emotion that you are aware of. Nothing more, just an awareness of that emotion. That’s really all I need to unravel interferences.

    Don’t get caught up in trying to doing it right. I can still unravel foreign energy without your feeling an emotion. Just relax into the experience. Focus on my voice and stay out of the way.

    Alexandra, you actually do have a lot of negative foreign energies in your field that really are interfering with you. Not certain if you are using the Dark Force Interference video. It may be a good one for you.

    I’m doing a little clearing of those dark energies that want to cause you harm. Should feel lighter all around you soon.