Blocks, and stagnation

How do I move past blocks, limitations and stagnation?

I’m 63, a lightworker with an energy healing practice I do full time for the last 7 yrs. which I absolutely love. and have helped many to heal and shift. I have released and cleared endless beliefs, blocks, emotional baggage, and have worked endlessly clearing offensive energies I attract that want to put out my light, even addressing what’s making me vulnerable to this energy (a colleague said I had been abducted twice as a young girl and says that is what has affected me the most and why I attract so much offensive energies. I feel I’ve done so much work at moving forward in my life in all areas, yet I just feel stuck.

I so appreciate this gift for any insight or guidance Bonnie.

I’m thinking to write in again with another question you had listed, how can I step into a more authentic and fulfilling life experience!