Anxiety performance

Hi Bonnie, I am so grateful for your work and have been using your clearings and programs for several years now!

I recently starting dating an amazing guy (Paul Rodarte) and we have an amazing connection, open communication, and experience safety and intimacy even in the beginning stages of this relationship. It’s been great and loving so far, but I am frustrated that we are having problems in the bedroom 🙁

The issue we are experiencing is his sexual anxiety performance and erectile dysfunction. He is not able to maintain an erection, and he is starting to not be able to get one at all. He feels frozen to me when I feel into his energy around it. This is the first time I am dealing with this, while he has “suffered” from it for years, and feels resigned that this is his life. One interesting dynamic that he shared with me is that the more he likes someone, the less he is able to get an erection. If he doesn’t really care for someone, he can have sex but not have an orgasm. He even thought that he was asexual at one point because of his lack of sex drive and sexual performance.

I am hoping that you could look into this for he and I, and offer any clearing, healing, suggestions, or energy to assist us in healing this!

Thank you so much for all that you do!