Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private Sessions: Spiritual Vows

Date: April 21, 2019
Time: 11:00-12:00pm MDT

A vow is defined as a solemn promise a person makes, binding them to a condition, act or service. We make vows all the time in our present lives without even thinking about it. Have you made a promise to “be good” to your parents, or even to God/Source? This could be a past-life vow of obedience you made that you are still living out today. Past life vows of chastity can make us feel like we are “destined” to be alone in this lifetime. Ancestral vows of poverty can keep you stuck in lack and scarcity, blocking abundance and prosperity in your life.

Most of us have challenges in our lives that we have struggled to break free from and just can’t seem to get past. Many times, we make these oaths and vows in previous incarnations that we carry forth into our present lifetime. If you are on a spiritual path in this lifetime, the chances are that you have made vows to various religious or spiritual orders in past lives that are still being carried on your Soul Imprint.

During this Semi-Private Session, let Bonnie shatter these vows and free you from the oaths binding to outdated patterns and behaviors that no longer serve your highest potential!

Semi-Private Sessions: Sexual Inadequacy

Date: April 6th, 2019
Time: 11:00-12:00pm MDT
Total Space: 8

Sexual inadequacy can stem from many places within us. Inadequacy is a judgement of the self that leads to feelings of insecurity, awkwardness, or even shame. Often times, these feelings can block us from fully connecting to ourselves and our partners during sexual intimacy.

Where does this inadequacy begin? Inadequacy begins when we have been shamed or made to believe that there is something wrong with us. Even seemingly innocent comments regarding your physical body or how you perform sexually can block you from fully embracing yourself, making you feel uncomfortable or “less than” in sexual scenarios. We judge ourselves, our bodies, our sexuality as not measuring up to the expectations of others, or even yourself!

When we are struggling with feelings of inadequacy, we are consumed with thoughts and emotions that pull us out of the moment and into our own chaotic thinking. When we begin to unearth these deep rooted feelings of being “less than”, we become more comfortable with ourselves. We stay more present, and we share more in our intimate moments, allowing us to fully embrace our partners and ourselves!