Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop?


Most people have heard the phrase “Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop”. It typically means that that you are waiting for an expected, inevitable, and often negative experience to occur. You may know somebody who is always expecting the next negative thing to happen. Often times, people will experience these feelings right after experiencing something positive in their lives! Most of us have an unhealthy idea of “balance”, and we feel like if we receive something really positive or helpful, it’s “only a matter of time” before the pendulum will swing back the other way, and we can expect bad things to happen to “balance out” the good we receive.
Most of us have so many hang ups about unconditional receiving that we start to sabotage ourselves the minute we actually get what we want. Deep down, we don’t feel like we are deserving, so we don’t feel like we can relax when we receive what we desire. We begin to doubt our worthiness and obsess about the ways we can lose the ground we’ve just made. We start to worry that we will screw up and lose that major promotion we just landed. We are anxious at the thought of wrecking the new car we could finally afford. Many times, these negative expectations actually create the very thing we are trying to avoid! As we obsess and pour over the ways we can lose what we have, we actually begin to create the conditions to bring that about!
The good news is that these feelings and anxieties are typically not even our own. We may have been raised by negative people who always worry and have implanted those beliefs onto us. Often times, we have numerous past lives with this pattern of receiving, only to look for that other shoe to drop. When it does, we decide that we were right to believe this way all along, and we start to never expect to get what we want without strings attached. In extreme cases, we may even deny ourselves the things we want altogether out of fear that we will later lose it or have it taken from us.
Join Bonnie Serratore as she assists you in unravel ling this belief system to its conception. It IS possible to receive all of the good and be satisfied! When we can enjoy the fruits of our labor without expecting that negative blow-back, we actually create more of what we want and stop calling in these negative cycles. Let’s unravel these patterns so that we can receive unconditionally and enjoy it!



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