Victim’s Package

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This package includes 6 clearings:
Victim Energy,
Victim of Narcissist,
Shamed and Humiliated,
Put Bitterness Behind You,
Receiving Respect,
Removing Blocks to Receiving

Victim Energy

Let go, heal, and explore victim energy that you hold in your body and lifestream. Step into self ownership.

Victim of Narcissists

A narcissist, by definition, is somebody who is self-obsessed and behaves as if the world revolves around them. In relationships, they are often controlling, manipulative, and sometimes even abusive. Many times narcissists have very specific ideas of how the people in their life show up “for them” and try to control those around them to behave in this way, often times setting unreasonable standards, praising you when you meet their expectations, and savagely knocking you down when you don’t. Many victims of narcissists find themselves “walking on eggshells”, trying to anticipate what the narcissist may want and trying to fulfill their needs and desires. They employ behaviors such as “gaslighting”, making you doubt your sanity and even your reality. They shift and project their own insecurities and inferiorities onto the people closest to them, whether they are a partner, parent, friend or coworker. Many people who are able to leave narcissistic relationships find that they have to deal with a lot of emotional fallout. They may have tied their very personality and likes/dislikes to cater to the narcissist, and without the relationship they feel lost, without a center or identity. They may doubt their perceptions and concepts of reality, since narcissists often make us question what is real and what is not. Many empathic or highly sensitive people find themselves at some point in their lives in some type of personal relationship with a narcissist. Often times this is born from a desire to help other people, and this constant stream of care and emotional attention feed directly into a narcissistic ego, creating an endless cycle to the victim/narcissist relationship. The narcissist gets to feel admired and gets attention, and the victim gets to feel needed and appreciated, and feel like they are “helping” the narcissist. These patterns begin long before we began this lifetime. Whether your narcissistic relationship pattern is a current reality or something you have moved past, it’s time to get to the core of what creates these unhealthy and damaging entanglements. Join Bonnie Serratore as we go deep in unravelling these toxic bonds and get liberated from the cycle of victimhood!

Shamed and Humiliated

For most of us, the idea of being publicly shamed and humiliated can be a fate worse than death. When we are shamed, we become disempowered. We are afraid to show up fully and play it small. When we have experienced shame and humiliation, in this life or in past incarnations, it sets up a pattern where we begin to withhold who we are out of fear of repercussions from others. When we engage in shaming or humiliating others, we are coming from a place of fear, impotence, and we are typically feeling a lack of control within our lives that make us want to control and disempower others.Maybe your teacher shamed you in front of your classmates when you were growing up, so you concluded it would be better not to speak your mind. Maybe you had body issues growing up, and family members or kids from school teased you our made you feel wrong about being yourself. The majority of cultural and religious programming is designed to make us feel ashamed and wrong for being who we are. Many of us have had past lives where we were persecuted for our beliefs and views, and these experiences still make us feel wrong for being ourselves to this day. In modern times, we as a culture have begun to rely on public shaming and humiliation on social media to control outspoken members of society. Whether you have shamed others, or been shamed yourself, it’s time to get to the root of this destructive pattern. When we get to the core wound inherent in this cycle, we can free ourselves from the fear that has been keeping us hidden and we can start showing up fully in all aspects of our lives!

Put Bitterness Behind You

Have you been wronged in some way and feel bitter? Who and what has wronged you in this life? Are you struggling to put it behind you? Let go of this toxic energy, free up more room within your heart, and release any bitterness with Bonnie Serratore!

Receiving Respect

If you are a self respecting individual, chances are you want others to treat you with respect. Age isn’t a prerequisite nor is it a magic key to gaining respect. It’s about how you conduct yourself, your attitudes towards others and your actions. This clearing helps identify, clear, and heal your energetic field where there is still damaged or traumatized frequencies are calling in the recurrences of disrespect.

Removing Blocks to Receiving

Receiving sometimes has a bad rap. “It is better to give than to receive” reinforces those thoughts. What about parents telling their children that if they are bad then Santa won’t bring them presents? Every kid does things that they believe to be bad or wrong even when they try to be so good. We instill so many beliefs and misperceptions of reality onto one another that we judge ourselves as unworthy. If we are unworthy, we don’t deserve. If we don’t deserve we block our ability to receive. This includes receiving compliments, gifts, money, acknowledgements, abundance, joy, peace, and just about everything that would bring us happiness. Why do we do this? The human psyche is actually fragile. It doesn’t take much to traumatize a child, an infant, a toddler. When traumatized by believing who we are sucks, we close down a part of our heart and we can no longer receive. Then we begin what I call “the giving” which translates into doing for others, giving to others at our own expense, being the nice person, and allowing others to walk all over us. It is a slippery slope to the can’t say yes and can’t say no, can’t find true love, can’t have money, can’t have blessings, can’t, can’t, can’t receive. You can see how this can turn into a long period of not receiving. For some, most of their lives! The inability to receive stops us from enjoying the gifts people give us. When we receive a gift, we are inhibited, maybe even shy, or we tell people they didn’t need to do that. We deflect compliments and acknowledgements. When we pay attention, we may feel an actual physical sensation in our chest, our heart center, when we are blocked in our ability to openly and joyfully receive. That’s the closed or protected heart, where we may feel unlovable or not enough just as we are. Wonder what it would be like to have the heart open and receiving abundance in all ways. Not only would we be happier, we would actually share the gift of our self, the very thing we all want from each other, the real you, me, us. Let’s open our hearts together with Bonnie and experience more community, connection, support, friends, love, joy and happiness.


On an energetic level there is no such thing as a victim. So why do so many good people go through life as seeming victims of negative circumstances or bad luck? Why do some people seem to always be victimized? It is time to accept that we are the co-creators of our existence and on a higher level, we have agreed to participate in these interactions with others. When we finally start to accept the agency we have over our experience in every moment, we can free ourselves of the energies that keep up stuck in the pattern of playing the victim!


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