Unrealistic Expectations


Do you find yourself in a constant state of disappointment or dissatisfaction with the world around you? Often times, we have an idea in our mind of how we want things to show up. We want our partner to be a certain way, or we idealize the perfect job. We may have expectations around how certain interactions or conversations will go, and then we get disappointed when they happen differently from the way we were expecting.
Often we don’t even communicate these expectations with others at all, so they are left to assume and guess where we may be coming from. When our unexpressed expectations are not met, we may blame others and direct these unrealized views outward. We blame our family or friends for not being who we want them to be. Other people may direct these disappointments inward, blaming themselves or going into harsh self-criticism and negative judgments.
Many people create these expectations without even realizing it. These expectations can tie back to traumas from this or past lives. We absorb beliefs where other people have projected their expectations onto us, setting up patterns of never being able to accomplish what we want or being able to take satisfaction in what we have achieved. When we are overly attached to the way success or abundance looks to us, we try to control and manage how the Universe shows up for us, which actually holds us back and blocks our growth, flow, and expansion.
It’s time to step into trusting the Universe. When we drop the expectations about how life is specifically supposed to look for us, we are able to receive the abundance, joy, and grace that are unfolding in every moment. We begin to know that we are doing what we need to be doing and that we are where we should be without an attachment to the outcome. With that, life begins to open up more because we are open to receiving whatever shows up in the moment! Join Master Accelerator Bonnie Serratore in this clearing where we will help you see your experience with truth, clarity, and serenity.



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